the louvre pyramid is a metal and glass structure that serves the main entrance to the louvre Museum in Paris,France. The pyramid has a volume of 8820 cubic meters The base is a square woth sides that are 35 meters long

Accepted Solution

Answer:h = 21.6 mStep-by-step explanation:*I'm assuming that you need the height.  If not, let me know and I'll edit my answer...The formula for volume of a pyramid isV = (1/3)Bh    where B is the area of the base, and h is the heightWe are given V = 8820, and the base is a square with area of 35² = 1225, plug  those in and find the height...8820 = (1/3)(1225)h     26460 = 1225h     (multiply both sides by 3 to get rid of the fraction)         26460/1225 = h     (divide both sides by 1225 to isolate h)               21.6 = h